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About Jhabua

Jhabua is city headquarter of Jhabua District, one of the strong tribal belts of Madhya Pradesh state. The strong tribal culture and influence is also quite visible in Jhabua city too. The distinct tribal identity is largely owing to geographical isolation of the region, which actual has had impact on literally every aspect or facet of the region – right from its local economy to its utility services. Below you’ll find more comprehensive and exhaustive information about Jhabua city, right from its little known history to present condition of most of its utility services.

Collector and District Magistrate
Address: Collectorate Jhabua
Email: dmjhabua[at]nic[dot]in
Mob No.: 07392243401

Citizen's Call center : 155300
Child Helpline : 1098
Women Helpline : 1091
Crime Stopper : 1090

History of Jhabua

History of Jhabua
Court Fees Issued by erstwhile Jhabua State

The history of Jhabua revolves around little known Jhabua kingdom or state. This kingdom was not much known in the outside world because its reign was only restricted to Jhabua region, which then even encompassed some parts of present day Alirajpur District. From little available information in historical records it is known for sure that Jhabua kingdom was founded by local king called Kunwar Kesho Das or Kishan Das. Some historical records even tell us that he shared very good rapport with legendary Mughal king Jahangir. Except for these information’s not much is known about King Kunwar Kesho Das or for that matter Jhabua kingdom itself. Although another vital information that we can add here is that in latter centuries Jhabua kingdom was successfully absorbed into British Empire. After independence Jhabua became a part of Madhya Pradesh.

Geography of Jhabua

The total geographical area of Jhabua District is 3,782km. District’s topography is very undulating in nature. This obviously implies that here you’ll find lot of flat plain land areas as well as lot of hilly areas. However, southern area of the district is almost entirely hilly, where narrow valleys and low ranges covered by jungles are mostly found. Moving to soils and minerals, then Jhabua District isn’t very fortunate in these areas. This is to say that this region doesn’t have very fertile soil and nor does it have a very huge reservoir of minerals. This is largely owing to scanty rainfall received by this region. In fact entire Jhabua District falls under drought prone region.

Administration in Jhabua

Jhabua AdministrationThe most important local administrator of Jhabua is District collector, who as we all know wields immense administrative powers. While District Collector is anyway an important local administrator, but in case of Jhabua city its role is even more important. This is because Jhabua city does not come under the purview of any other local administrative bodies like Municipal Corporation or Municipal Council.The current District collector is Shri B. Chandrashekhar, who has been at the helm of affair for many years now. Below is contact information of B. Chandrashekhar and other important local administrators.

District Collectorate: (07392) 243401, 243330.
Joint Collector: (07392) 243805, 243330
Zila Panchayat Jhabua – CEO: (07392) 244323, 243611
Sub Divisional Magistrate: (07392) 243318
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Economy of Jhabua

Agriculture is definitely most dominant sector here, but this sector faces immense challenge owing to highly fluctuating rainfalls. In fact for many decades now this region has continuously received very scanty rainfall, and therefore state government has included this entire district in drought prone area. All these obviously mean that region’s total agricultural production is immensely very low and this fact obviously has had adverse bearing on overall economy. Over the year’s agriculture’s dwindling fortune has pushed significant amount of locals into local forest industry, which does contribute quite substantially in revenue and employment generation. Another sector that has emerged as a strong alternative to struggling agricultural sector is ‘handicraft’. Tribal’s across India are known for their proficient skills in handicraft and Jhabua’s tribal people are no exception in this. Especially Jhabua’s bamboo products, handicraft dolls and bead-jewellery are immensely famous across India. However, due to state government’s apathy and lack of funds Jhabua’s handicraft industry is still far from reaching its desired potential. Besides, nearly 1000 small scale industries are at present operating in the district. Most of these industries are operating in Meghnagar town, which is located just 17 kms away from Jhabua city.

Tourism in Jhabua

There are few tourist destinations in and around Jhabua city. Except for very few temples Jhabua has pretty much nothing to boost.

Lord Shiva at Deojhiri: Just 8 kms away in the northeast of Jhabua city is a small village called Deojhiri. This small village assumes lot of importance for sacred Lord Shiva Temple. This is a very ancient temple and since time immemorial it has been one of the religious focal points of Jhabua District. Just near to this temple is a perennial spring, which has been built on a small kund or pond. This spring definitely adds to the beauty of this temple.

Temples at Rangpura: Not very far away from Jhabua city is a small village called Rangpura. This is another village where one will find lots of temples. But temples that are really worth visiting are Rampanchayat Mandir and a Jain temple located very near to it.

Healthcare Services in Jhabua

Hospitals in Jhabua
Healthcare in Jhabua

While lack of genuinely well equipped hospitals means that Jhabua citizens have to still flock to other cities for complicated operations and surgeries, but good number of chemist shops and general doctors have at least ensured that basic healthcare services are quite easily fulfilled. Staying with hospitals, then state government has allocated many Primary Healthcare Centers (PHC) and Community Health Care Centers (CHC) in and around Jhabua to compensate for lack of hospitals, but their medical infrastructure is definitely no much to multi specialty or super specialty hospital. Speaking about most popular and trusted hospital of Jhabua city, then Jeevan Jyoti Hospital located at nearby town of Meghnagar town is considered among the most developed hospital of Jhabua District.

District Hospital
Address: Jhabua Ho, Jhabua – 457661
Phone no: +(91)-7392-243315

Jeevan Jyoti Hospital
Address: Main Road, Meghnagar, Jhabua – 457779
Phone no: +(91)-7390-284455, +(91)-9425945142

Safety and Security in Jhabua

Like other parts of Madhya Pradesh there are numerous Police stations in Jhabua city. Below we’ve mentioned contact information’s of not just police stations located in Jhabua city, but also in few other important adjoining towns and villages. All these police stations, however, don’t face any daunting law and order challenge as such. This is obviously owing to stable law and order situation prevailing across Jhabua district.

Superintendent of Police: 07392-243410
AJK Jhabua Police Station: 07392-244103
Meghnagar Police Station: 07390-284412
Petlawad Police Station: 07391-265333
Ranapur Police Station: 07392-283231

Transport in Jhabua

Responsibility of local transportation here is completely taken over by auto rickshaws, whose numbers are just about decent enough. Auto rickshaw’s burden, however, is somewhat minimized by private jeeps and mini tempos, who over the years have become quite popular as alternative mode of transportation. As for connectivity is concerned, then Jhabua city is directly connected via train with all cities of Madhya Pradesh and also some of the important cities in rest of India. However, railway station is located in neighboring town of meghnagar – located some 17 kms away from Jhabua city.

Banks in Jhabua

Banks in JhabuaToday banking service in Jhabua city is lot better than what it was many decades ago. This is obviously because over the years many leading banks have paved their way into Jhabua city. This includes banks like State Bank of India, ICICI Bank, Punjab National Bank, Union Bank of India, Bank of Baroda and Axis Bank. Each of these banks is today recognized leader in Indian banking sector and their presence has obviously redefined banking services in Jhabua city. This is why today people of Jhabua city are able to access different types of loans with minimum documentation, enjoy different types of accounts, enjoy online payment/ transaction and all other modern banking services that citizens of urban cosmopolitan cities are enjoying.

State Bank of India
Address: Chandrashekhar Azad Marg, Jhabua P.B.NO - 15, Pin code – 457661
Phone no: 07392-243381, 244178
IFSC code: SBIN0030241

Punjab National Bank
Address: 14 Nehru Marg Jhabua - 457661
Phone no: 9425195120
IFSC code: PUNB0609000

Address: 67/2, Nehru Marg, Near Rajwara Palace, Jhabua – 457661
Phone no: 09981510508
IFSC code: ICIC0001442

Bank of Baroda
Address: Jhabua Main Branch, College Road, Jhabua, 457661
Phone no: 07392-244308, 256

Postal Services in Jhabua

Today many reputed courier companies are operating in Jhabua city. These courier companies are ensuring that Jhabua citizens in no way are left behind in enjoying modern day postal services, which moves with absolute lightening speed. Courier companies, however, are still in nascent stage when it comes to enjoying popularity among locals. While they are certainly popular, but not enough to completely replace traditional postal services of India Post. There is, however, no denying at all that India post is certainly feeling heat from presence of private courier companies.

Madhur Courier Services
Address: Jhabua HO, Jhabua - 457661, Bus Stand
Phone no: +(91)-7392-245426, +(91)-9993264191

The Professional Couriers
Address: 32, Gopal Colony, Jhabua Ho, Jhabua – 457661
Phone no: +(91)-7392-244635, 244508

Madhur Courier Services
Address: Jawahar Marg, Thandla, Jhabua – 457777
Phone no: +(91)-7390-276105

Reliance Courier Service
Address: Jhabua Bus Stand, Jhabua HO, Jhabua – 457661
Phone no: +(91)-7392-247082, +(91)-9329247082

Reliance Courier Services
Address: Rajendra Suri Complex, Meghnagar, Jhabua – 457779
Phone no: +(91)-9425945370

Fuel Supply in Jhabua

Fuel Supply in Jhabua
Petrol Pumps in Jhabua

On front of critical energy needs like petrol and diesel today Jhabua is proudly standing on its own feet. This is to say that today Jhabua city has no shortage whatsoever of petrol pumps or petrol filling stations, and nor does it have any shortage of LPG gas agencies either. Their overwhelming presence ensures that Jhabua citizens can go about with their day-to-day lives without ever worrying about shortage of petrol/diesel or LPG gas cylinder.

National Petroleum
Address: 94, Chetanya Marg, Jhabua Ho, Jhabua - 457661
Contact No.: +(91)-9425414494 / +(91)-7392-245757, 244252

Rahi Petroleum
Address: Jhabua Ho, Jhabua - 457661, Survey 781, Old No 314, Alirajpur
Contact No.: +(91)-9425942043

Madhav Petrol Pump
Address: Jhabua Ho, Jhabua - 457661, Choti Pitole Post Badi Pitole
Contact No.: +(91)-9406603523

Ambaji Petroleum
Address: Indore Ahmedabad Road, Pitol, Jhabua - 457661
Contact No.: +(91)-9425413574

Dawar Petroleum
Address: Ranapur, Jhabua - 457993, Survey No 570/1 & 570/4 Old No 570/2 Paiki, Tehsil Jobat
Contact No.: +(91)-9179315840

Hp Gas Agency
Address : Zila Thok Upbh
33, Nehru Marg
Phone No : 243353,244277

Telecom Services in Jhabua

Today Jhabua’s mobile and internet services may still not be in par with urban or first tier cities, but their service is surely improving in leaps and bounce. Their status today at least is lot better than what it was decade ago. This obviously would not have been possible if number of service providers had not increased. From just one mobile service provider one decade ago, today there are at least 5 to 6 leading mobile companies providing their services in this city. This includes government owned companies like BSNL and MTNL and private companies like Airtel, Reliance, Aircel and Vodafone. As for internet service is concerned, then Jhabua is the only city in entire Jhabua district that offers high speed 3G and 2G internet services. It is highly recommended to use BSNL 3G and 2G service, as their network coverage is very superior her.

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